Sayonara Stationery Giveaway by NiniHanini

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As you can see from the title, I am doing a giveaway, yay! I'm not celebrating anything and I know that my blog is still new which makes attracting big crowds a bit impossible BUT, I want to do this nonetheless. I've been decluttering and organizing my room and I realize that I have lots of unused stuff. Be it new or preloved, I thought some of these things would be more useful in someone else's hands. 

I named this giveaway as "Sayonara Stationery" because giving away these stuff means I'm saying goodbye to them which is not necessarily a sad thing because I love giving stuff to people. I don't mind if the participants are less than 10. I just want to give these to someone hehe. Keep on reading if you're interested in joining!


1. You can follow my blog if you want, no pressure. A thousand thanks to those who have! 

2. Create an extra post for this giveaway. Don't forget to include these details:
3. Link back to this blog page.

4. Leave your link in the comment section of this blog page.

5. This giveaway is opened to all Malaysians!


I purposely prepared two prizes for two winners so that there'll be higher chances in winning. As you can read from the requirement list, the participants need to choose between the "Sayo Pack" or the "Nara Pack" for their potential prize. I'd choose the winners based on their creativity in writing their entries. BUT, if it is too hard to decide, I'd probably just do a lucky draw to choose the winners hehe.  

These are the items included in Sayo Pack:

1. Handmade Buncho Poster Colour Pallete. I  created this palette (only used it once) using Buncho Poster colour. Poster colour can be activated easily with water and you can definitely have fun with this. I also included some brushes for you to experiment with!

2. The Snoring Cat Lined Notebook. This book is originally from Korea. It was gifted to me but I have too many notebooks already. Hopefully, it can find a new owner.

3. Craftime Patterned Papers (9 sheets). Papers with gorgeous flowery patterns for your craft.

4. Oxford Fajar Sticky Notes.  A set of sticky notes with various colours and sizes. 

5. Penang Street Art Postcard.  I got this postcard in Penang. One of the most famous wall arts there.

6. Flow Magazine Postcards. These are postcards from my Flow magazine. I included a gift tag as well.

7. Decorative Cards. Cute cards to brighten up your day!

These are the items included in Nara Pack:

1. Daiso Alpaca Letter Set. I  bought this one last year but never got the chance to use it. I figured I won't be using it after all hence I included this cute letter set in this giveaway hehe.

2. Strawberry Roll Cake Polymer Clay. I remember being obsessed with polymer clay creations and this was one of my favourites out of all my collection.

3. "Enjoy the Day" Customized Notebook. What I mean by "customized notebook" was, I changed the whole cover and redecorate it because I didn't like the original look. I already used the first few pages but I can guarantee you that there are still more than 100 pages to write on!

4. Handmade Kitty Pouch. This is a handmade pouch that I bought from a craft blogger. I couldn't find the blog anymore but this pouch remains as cute as ever.

5. Flow Magazine Postcards. These are postcards from my Flow magazine. I included a gift tag as well.

6. Deli Bookmark Set. A preloved set of cute polka dots bookmark.

7. Decorative Cards. Cute cards to brighten up your day!


little disclaimer, I did use some of the items previously but I can promise you all of them are loved and are in good condition. However, I decided to add some other goodies as well to kinda "compensate" for the preloved stuff? It took some time to prepare everything and here are some photos of the goodies!

Three washi tape samplers for each winner

Bought and handmade stickers

Handmade envelopes and small DIY banners

Handmade notebooks and washi papers

There, I think I've given all the necessary information about this giveaway. It took me almost a week to prepare all of this stuff but I really enjoyed it. I can't wait to package all of these things and send it to their new owners! Feel free to join if you're interested in winning one of the prizes hehe.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to some participations!

Her little reading nook

Wednesday, 18 September 2019, 23:59 ϟ 10 Comments

I used both "little" and "nook" words to emphasize how small my reading space is. Wait, it's not the reading space that is small actually, it's the books collection that I have hahaha. I had put all of my old Malay novels and comics in some other places cause those would take a lot of space and nope, we don't want that. I wanted to just chose the ones that suit my room colour schemes; red, brown, black, maroon and some green BUT things won't always go the way you wanted so yeah.

This post is inspired by Ika and her gorgeous mini library. I really really love the way she organizes her books and she has tons of them. Do visit her blog if you haven't read about it yet! Her Fixi books collection is HUGE. I wanted to reorganize my books but I'm still not in the mood I guess. I'll be sure to do it before I start working hehe. 

These are the books at the top of my shelf. There are lots of classic literature books here. You probably can't see the titles and author, but I have more than just a few Oscar Wilde's and Charles Dickens's book. There are two small encyclopedias as well, one is about cats (lots of cats), the other one is about stars and planets because I'm a big fan of astronomy.

And here are some of my other books. Not that much but I'm gonna be honest, I still haven't read almost 90% of this. I got distracted with manga and anime (the usual excuse). I used to be an avid reader but now I'm more of a hoarder. I'll try my best not to buy any fictional books unless I manage to finish all of these. 

A little update on my cactuses and succulent, there's only these three left. See? Even the plant is sad. Lord forgive me for I am a plant killer. These three have always been the healthiest among the others. I wonder how long they'll survive. Do pray for them. 

I'm loving these two erm... racks? I'm not sure what to call it but I'm really glad I decided to install it on my wall (with my dad's help of course). I bought the wooden racks from Lazada and the white thingy to hold those racks in place are from MR.DIY. That's IKEA candle in the scent vanilla, by the way. It's not too overwhelming, just nice.

I mentioned about this plant before and I swear Golden Pothos is the easiest plant to take care of. I just need to change the water once a week because I don't want to be mosquitoes' breeder. So many leaves have grown since the first day I cut it from the mother plant. Thank you for making me happy despite all the deaths among your friends.

These books are not on the previous bookshelf but since it's still a part of my collection, I think I should include it as well. I place these books on my desk as it's closer to me. I write a lot which explains the need for various notebooks for scribbling and journalling. I also keep my zines and poetry books here. They are great sources of inspirations.

I love this kind of post. I mean, peeking through someone else's home library. Gotta thank Ika for this hehe.

Thanks for reading and have a nice day!

Recent book haul and some paper thingy

Tuesday, 17 September 2019, 10:14 ϟ 20 Comments

It's not that recent actually cause I ordered these books in August? But it did arrive on the first week of September. Since these are indeed the latest books that I bought, I guess it can be considered as my recent book haul hehe. I mentioned about buying these books in this post. I borrowed some money from my mom to order it from Kinokuniya website and luckily, I got some hidden savings (thanks ASNB and ASW) to pay her back.

I haven't started reading any of these books yet but I've flipped through some of the pages. LORD THE ILLUSTRATIONS ARE AMAZING. I'm a sucker for books that are well illustrated. But these books are more than just "well", they are freaking gorgeous. I'm just gonna show the covers for today and probably show some of the pages if I ever make a review on any of these.

What do you think of the covers? I think they are super gorgeous! The illustrations, the colours, the fonts, ahh.. AMAZING! These books are quite thick, except for Nightlights by Lorena Alvarez because that book is actually made for children. But so what, I'm forever a  child at heart hahaha. 

This is a bit random but I just gotta show you guys this pretty paper thingy (I really don't know what to call it). My eyes were hooked on it when I was scrolling Shopee (RM2.48) and I bought it right away. I thought it was some sticky notes but boy I was deceived. I couldn't care less though because it's so pretty. It is made from washi paper which makes it so soft to touch.

An example of how we can use this erm, washi strips? Yeah, I think that's the proper name for it. Not some paper thingy, but an aesthetically pleasing washi strips. I've finished reading this travelogue-comic by the way and I really love it! I'll be sure to do a review on this book soon.

I'm a bit nervous waiting for the announcement for my placement. I wonder where I'll end up teaching but I hope it's somewhere in Terengganu or Pahang. Wish me luck hehe.

Thanks for reading and have a nice day!